Step 3 - How To Schedule A Visit

Log into your Vizvox Account at Http://

Enter your login name and password.

After you successfully login to your Vizvox Account, you will see the Home Screen

Click on schedule visitation

Read and accept visitation rules

Fill in all of the required fields as indicated with the following

  • If you are coming to the facility, select the facility name
  • If you are visiting from home select remote visitation center
  • From the drop down box, select the name of the inmate
  • Select the date for your visitation, must be at least 24 - 48 hours prior depending on the facility.
  • Select the time for your visit, and “click” next

The scheduled visitation visitor details and confirm appointment screens will appear

  • Check and verify that all of the information is correct
  • Click on next on each screen

The scheduled visitation complete screen will now appear with the visitation confirmation number listed. Make a note of this confirmation number as it will be required when you arrive for your visit.