Step 2 - How to Confirm Your Computer Settings

Please note: All instructions are for Internet Explorer

After logging in to schedule your visit, if you are unable to “click” on links or the links don’t work, you will need to switch your browser to Compatibility View.

The first way to do this is as follows:

Look for an icon that looks like a broken page on the right hand side of the address bar. If you click that icon, your browser will switch into Compatibility View.

The second way to do this is as follows:

Go to the “TOOLS” menu in the browser and choose “Compatibility View”. If "Compatibility View" is not an option, click on "Compatibility View Settings" instead. From "Compatibility View Settings", type in the "Add this website:" box (if it does not already appear). Next, press the “ADD” button. Then press the “CLOSE” button on "Compatibility View Settings" and press “F5” to refresh the screen.