Step 4 - How To Add Funds To Your Account

Log into your account or create a new one at

Once your information is displayed, click the Make Payment button

Select the state in which the resident is located

After selecting the State you must select the Agency they are located in

Select the Agency where the resident is housed

Please select PrePaid Account as the product you would like to apply the funds to (Video Visitation funds are deducted from your PrePaid Account)


Please select credit/debit card as the payment method (Please note that rate information is only applicable to telephone calls)

Enter the amount you would like to pay

Once you have entered the amount you are depositing to your account choose calculate total.

Click the Calculate Total button to receive the total payment amount Click Continue


Enter the credit/debit card information and confirm the billing information associated with the card you are using

Click Authorize Credit Card to authorize your card to be charged