Video visitation is now availabe on the upgraded system. 

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Video Visitation Information & Rules

It is the intent of the Anoka County Jail to provide inmates the opportunity to retain family ties through the visitation program. Visitors are responsible for following all laws and regulations of the facility. In order to ensure orderly operation of the jail the following is a list of information and requirements that will assist us in serving you better. Please keep in mind that these rules cannot cover every situation and that staff will deal with unusual issues on a case-by-case basis.

General Video Visiting Information

  • All visits are subject to monitoring and recording.
  • Visits must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the desired visiting data and time. They may be scheduled up to one week in advance.
  • Visits are limited to one 20-minute visit per day, per inmate.
  • Visits will start promptly at the time scheduled and will terminate exactly 20 minutes later. A count-down timer is provided on the terminal screen.
  • You cannot visit a person if there is a Restraining Order or No-Contact order between the two of you.
  • Nudity or partial nudity will result in the termination of a visit and restriction of future visits.
  • The taking of video or still photography is strictly prohibited during a remote or onsite visit.
  • The visitation schedule may be cancelled or altered on county appointed holidays or for safety / security reasons.
  • Staff can deny, change, or cancel a visit at any time at their discretion.

Appropriate Attire

  • You must wear clothing appropriate for a public venue. For example, you must wear a shirt, shoes and pants. Clothing cannot be see-through, sheer, or suggestive.  Suggestive clothing may include, but is not limited to:
    • Tank tops, sleeveless, low neckline shirts/blouses, very short shorts or short skirts that expose the breast/chest area, genitals, or buttocks.
  • Clothing shall be worn as designed . . . buttons, snaps, and zippers will remain fastened, etc.
  • Clothing or other items displaying gang-related symbols, themes or colors are prohibited.
  • Clothing containing vulgar themes, objectionable language, or objectionable images is prohibited. (Staff will determine whether an item is vulgar or objectionable.)


On-site Video Visiting Information

  • Two adult visitors, per inmate, are allowed in the video visitation room at one time. Children may accompany the adult visitors but must remain under their control at all times.
  • No Minors/Children shall be left unattended in the jail’s lobby or on the grounds of the jail facility.
  • Visitors who create a disturbance/disruption or who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may have their visit terminated and future visits restricted.
  • Do not tamper with or damage any of the video equipment in the visiting room.
  • Bringing unauthorized firearms, explosives, tools for escape, alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any controlled substances into the jail is a crime and may be cause for arrest.